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August 20, 2017.

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July 24, 2017.

To all Solar Power Homeowners! GA State Public Utility Commission has approved Georgia Power to pay you only $03.5 cents for your solar production on their grid. In 2010 Georgia Power paid $0.17 cents for solar pv productions. Reducing their expenditures to served their power grid from 24 cents to 17 cents/kwh. 

That means, in 2010, the average solar power homeowner with a 10kw PV solar array generated about $300/month in solar, (at 17cents/kwh) offsetting their electric bill by 80%. While Georgia Power was only charging the average homeowner 8 cents for electricity deliver to their home. GREAT! Both parties are saving. Solar Power is GOOD.

Also, Georgia Power gets to expanding their grid for free, while saving money by reducing their cost of expenditures from 24 cents to 17 cents. The solar power homeowner / "Investor" is also saving money by receiving credit at 17cents kwh for generating electricity for Georgia Power. 

Now 2017, GA Power was approved by the GA PSC to charge their average homeowner 12 cents for electricity delivered to their home and pays only 3.5cents to your neighbor who purchased and installed solar power onto Georgia Power grid. WHAT! A solar power homeowner who has invested time and money into expanding Georgia Power grid and only gets paid 3.5 cents! (which comes out to $100/month in solar) While Georgia Power is charging the same homeowner 12 cents to delivery electricity back to the same house. 
A solar power homeowner spends $30,000 to reduce their electric bill by 80% and also expands Georgia Power grid, and Georgia Power only pays them 3.5 cents!
That $30,000 with a 80% production of solar at (17 cents wkh) cost saving on their electric bill in 2010, was really worth $24,000. 
Now in 2017 that same $30,000 with a 80% production of solar at (3.5 cents wkh) cost saving only has a value now of $10,500. Minus another $1,000 for taxes and fees to generate solar. 

Why would the Public Utility Commission approved such an unfair rate and practice like this. 
This is not Georgia Power fault. They just cried their eyes out and cried broke to the GA Public Service Commission, and no solar power homeowner was there to dispute it with facts and documents. Now you have some proof to present to the Commissioner. 

I believe the board of commissioners are good people, christians, your neighbors or God fearing people with Integrity. I'm sure they would consider revisiting and hopefully revising this rate. 

I personally recommend that the GA PUC approve "Net Metering", which simply means Rate for Rate and anything over and above the deliverables from Georgia Power the homeowner will receive a 7 cent credit towards their next bill.  

Meaning: The solar power homeowner will receive a $0.07 cent/wkh of credit for any solar power generated over above what they received from Georgia Power, for their support of investing and expanding Georgia Power's grid.  

For example that means: If Georgia Power or any EMC delivers 1500kwh of electricity in one month to your home, however you generated 1800kwh of electricity back into the grid, then Georgia Power or your EMC will credit you $21.00 for 300kwh of extra electricity at $0.07cent. "Simple and Fair"

Typical example: 3 weeks of Solar PV generation and 
my client still has a bill?  (What is This!) 
If you agree with this request for "Net Metering" to be approved by the GA Public Service Utility Commission, then just copy and paste this complaint into the GA PSC website.   

You the solar power homeowner, must file a complaint to the board, so we the people can get this rate changed. GA is the only State that doesn't have Net Metering.  WHY!
I have over 145,000 people that visit this website a year. We need only 10,000 filed complaints.

can change this so that it is fair for both parties again.
Thank you and be Blessed.


South GA Solar Power is now a SolarEdge Installer.

Physical Layout - May 12, 2017

Remote Ipad/Android Monitoring




South GA Solar Power would like to wish all their clients and supporters a Blessed and Happy New Year.

Grace and Peace be unto you and your family.

Make this year a "Year of Focus" and be Safe.


South GA Solar Power would like to wish all their clients and supporters a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Grace and Peace be unto you and your family.

Enjoy the Holidays and be Safe.


South GA Solar Power now offers their Energy Reduction Services that will reduce your electric bill by 50% for as little as $2,500.00 or as low as 10% - 15% of your total solar panel install.  For residential home owners only. That means if you are going to purchase a $25,000 solar pv array, you can contact us to purchase our E.R.S. (Energy Reduction Service) for only $3,500 that will reduce your electric bill by 50% guaranteed.
Contact Ron Jackson at 229-232-8133.


U.S. Congress has agreed to extend the Solar ITC.

In a display of bipartisan compromise that has been astonishingly rare in recent years, Congress has agreed to extend the solar ITC at the current 30-percent rate through 2019, after which it will fall to 26 percent in 2020, 22 percent in 2021 and 10 percent in 2022. An additional commence-construction clause will extend the credit to any project in development before 2024. And the wind PTC will be retroactively applied to 2015 and extended through 2016, after which it will decline each year until it fully expires in 2020. 


South GA Solar Power wants all homeowner to be aware of their Utility Provider not truly crediting them for their monthly Solar Production.
We now have a product that will bring accurate readings and accountability to both your Utility Provider and your Solar Power Provider meters. So, at the end of the month ,you the homeowner will know exactly what your electric bill should be. That product is called a "TED5000 Pro".

Every homeowner that has purchased and installed a solar array on their property should have South GA Solar Power install this unit on their property. Don't let your Utility Provider rip you off and mislead you on what your new electric bill should be!

For more information contact

Ron Jackson, Project Manager 229-232-8133


March 7, 2015 our 1st major rewiring of a faulty solar array facility located near Savannah, GA. 
Dismantled, Rewired, and Installed new SMA inverter along with existing SMA inverter.
Solar power production before rewiring
= 2,500w at 23 kwh/day.
Solar power production after completion
= 13,000w at 95 kwh/day.


A 600 amp/hr. 48V Battery Bank
A 1200 amp/hr. 24V Battery Bank
on SALE for $2,150.00 3 yr warranty
original cost $5,925.00

contact Ron Jackson  229-232-8133


Nov. 28th - Dec. 8th 2014 South GA Solar Power was hired to help, along with other sub-contractors, to install 2.3 Megawatts of Solar Power Arrays.

1 MW Solar Array located in Albany, GA 
1.3 MW Solar Array in our Valdosta,GA area.

Give us a call when you are ready to install your next Megawatt Solar Power Array.


We now offer funding for your
Solar Power System with
interest rates as low as 2.99%
and no higher than 5.99%


April 2014 is another of our 1st installation of solar power located in Ocilla, GA.
9kW Solar Powered Array with an emergency battery backup system.
20 years warranty.
Before install, elec. bill average $380/month
after installed, elec. bill reduce to $28.00/month.

Great Project!!!

36 Solar PanelsCall us when you're ready
at 229-232-8133
or 229-444-2788


Stop Procrastinating!
Your Electric Bill is going Up and Up. 
It's That Time of Year Again !!!
Spend a small portion of your Tax Refund Now, and Start saving through the rest of the Year

Purchase our Solar Powered Attic Fan
now and reduce your electric bill
by 50%. (1600 - 3600 Sq.Ft. Home)
10 year warranty.

Our First 1.5 MW Solar Power Array
serving Mud Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
for the next 20 years!
Saving our Great City $5 Million
Solar Power VanOctober 2013
Valdosta Shared Office Space
located at the Historic Wisenbaker Building
100 N Patterson downtown Valdosta, GA.
"Energy Consumption Reduction Project"
Conclusion: Annual $12,000.00 Electric Bill
Reduced to $4,000.00 electric bill.

 $800.00 INSTALLED MINUS $520.00 = NET $280.00
South GA Solar Power Reference Letter
July 2012 was the
Hottest month
in America's history!
Solar Power Does work!
Of course your Utility Provider may not agree.
ALL of our clients have saved at least 50%
and some even 85% on their electric bill.
Solar Power Does Work!

July, 2011
South GA Solar Power has installed a
Solar Powered LED Street Light System
in Milledgeville, GA
Every Homeowner Needs to
Have Their Own
T.E.D. is an accurate, affordable
real-time in-home electricity monitor.
Order Yours Now and Control Your Utility Usage!
2 2 9  -  3 0 0 - 8 9 2 0
Energy moniter
energy display
Wireless hand-held display
Intuitive, simple setup directly from Computer
Backlit display
Accurate to within 2%
User can customize display
Adjustable sensitivity - user can determine kW changes - down to 1 WATT !
Rechargeable Battery - no batteries to change
View real-time energy data remotely via Internet
Solar/Wind Package - Net-Metering capability
Receives signal from multiple sources
Ties into Home Automation Systems
Stores detailed data for export to computer
Accommodates all rate structures - flat, tiered, Time-of-Use, Seasonal
(4 seasons), weekend/holiday, or any mix of structures!
Stores and performs load-shed functions
TED 5000 also includes our data-logging software TED Footprints
South GA Solar Power, LLC
makes front page in local newspaper!
Community Development
September 3, 2010
Kara Ramos The Valdosta Daily Times
(Thank You Valdosta Daily Times)
New Trade Market opens for Solar Power Systems: SRECTRADE.COM
Now your Return On Investment can be cut in half!
GA Department Of Transportation
Has Certified
South GA Solar Power, LLC
as a 
as of October 21, 2009
 GEORGIA Uniform Certification 
We now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Checks 
The Federal Government and your local bank have started processing applications for funding through the Renewable Energy Programs.  Simply go to your local bank and request this application to receive a loan that covers the upfront cost to get your home converted to Solar Power. 
Solar Power  Grid-Tie System
Solar Power Grid tie
Ex: AN 5K SYSTEM COSTS-- $25,000.00 (upfront cost)
MAX. FEDERAL TAX CREDIT =  $7,500.00 (after installation)
MAX. STATE TAX CREDIT  =   $7,500.00  (after installation)
YOUR EST. NET COST = $1,000.00
 For more information to order your solar power system,
contact Sharon Jackson at 229-300-8920.


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