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So Many of our clients have many questions that we have put together a page to respond to their many questions.

Question:  How much money can I save using Solar PV Power?

Answer:   The average Solar Installer can only save you around 50% off your average electric bill. But, there's much more work to be done to install Solar Power on your home or property correctly, than just putting up solar panels. We offer our Phase 1 service first to reduce your electric bill by 45%, then we offer our Solar PV installation, to reduce your remaining electric bill down by another 80%, leaving you with only 10% of your orginal bill to pay.

EXAMPLE:  $300 electric bill - Our Phase 1 service reduce your average bill down to $165/month  (45%)

                 $165 electric bill - Our Phase 2 solar pv installation reduces your average bill down again to $32/month (80%)

We are the ONLY one to offer this unique service and installation!  GUARANTEED, INSURED and WARRANTED FOR 25 YEARS

Question:  Will using Solar Power really work for me?

Answer:  Yes, for example: For every $100.00 you invest for solar power, you will get back $35 min. and up to $60.00 max. within the 1st year. Then, the system will pay for itself within the remaining 3 - 6 years. That's worth while. 

Question:  How will the system end up paying for itself?

Answer: Through your Federal Energy Tax Credit; look for your IRS Form 5695. Also through your State Energy Tax Credit, if avaible, and/or through a Grant Program. Call us for more details and or information.  

Question:  What information is needed to obtain a good quote?

Answer:  You will need your March & August electric bill and the total square footage of your property.  (Example: If your property is 1600 sq. ft. then your average electric bill should be $150 - $250. If your property is 2400 sq. ft. then your average electric bill should be $230 - $350.

Question:  Can I reduce my electric bill by 50% or more?

Answer:  Yes, you can reduce your electric bill by 50% for little as $1,800 min. to $3,500 max.  You can reduce your electric bill by 85% by installing a full solar array without batteries, or 97% with an added Powerwall Battery Bank.  We offer a "Not To Exceed Cost" for our guaranteed services and installation. 

All system comes with a 25 yr warranty.

Question:  Are there still any incentives to offset this cost?

Answer:  Yes, the IRS still offers a Federal 30% tax credit, for your purchase. This tax credit has been extended through 2022.

Question:  How much does Solar Energy cost nowadays?

Answer: In 2010 the average 10kW Solar PV Array cost $55,000, completely installed. Presently the same 10kW costs $25,000 to install, minus $7,500 Fed Tax Credit. Giving you a Net Cost of $17,500.  These tax credits have been extended through 2022. GA State Energy Tax Credits are not available at this time. 

Question:  Do you know anyone that can install Solar Farms?

Answer:  Yes, We are now partners with B&H Precision Solar to offer Land Owners and Developers our unique cost-efficient and high quality performace installation services. (Example: we can completely install a 1MW Solar Array within 20 days. Provided that all the post have been installed.) After that, we can do the rest, so give us a call first. 

For more valuable information on how to purchase your solar power array, please click on the link below for our Online Consultant Services.