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Summer Blowout Sale

$12,000.00 $17,000.00

South GA Solar Power is having it's 

Blowout Sale now until September 2019.

We will completely install a 6kW expandable solar pv array kit for under $12,000 with a 25 year warranty. This system is design to reduce your average electric bill by 75%. (That's $200.00 a month down to $50.00 a month) Includes a 6kW Inverter, 3kW of Solar PV Panels and our Phase 1 enegry reduction service package.

Also, comes with a 30% ($3,600) Federal Energy Tax Credit. That's a net purchase of $8,400.00 when you file your taxes.

Great for any 1800 sq.ft home or an average $200/month average electric bill.   For more information contact Ron Jackson at 229-444-5834 or 229-232-8133.

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