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Located in our great city of Valdosta, GA, South GA Solar Power, LLC would like to provide you with our unique services:
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Our Phase #1 Energy Reduction Consulting Service. This service will provide consultation, site inspection, and a cost proposal that will reduce your energy bill by 45%, guaranteed (and for only 15% of the cost of a complete Solar PV installation). This service is a must, especially if your Utility Provider doesn't offer net metering. Again, this service cost ranges from $1,800 to $3,500 depending on the size of your home.

Our Phase #2 Complete 10KW Solar PV Array Design and Installation Service costs, on average, around $22,000, compared to the cost of $55,000 back in June of 2010.  All our services come with a 30% Federal Tax Credit, a 25-Year Warranty and a 3-7 Year Return On Investment (R.O.I.). Whether it's a Roof Mounted, Ground Mounted or Pole Mounted Solar PV Array System; we are here. We are local and we have over 10 years of experience.

Our Phase #3 Complete Solar PV Array with a Powerwall Battery Bank System will cost on average around $28,000. So, if you are really interested in going "Green", you must consider South GA Solar Power!  We believe in supporting our local businesses to help build our great city. So, we are here, ready to help you cut your electric bill down to just $12 or credits up $75 per month.

Our Phase #4 Replace or Repair Services offers our clients repair services on all of their type Inverters, SolarEdge Optimizers, PowerWall, and/or battery banks. With 10 years of experience we can repair any residential and or small commercial project. 

Our Phase #5 Large Commercial Solar Farm installation services are now second to none. We have partnered with another well known solar installer to provide you with excellent quality control and super fast installation services. For example, we can completely install a 1MW Solar PV Array, within 30 days, provided that you have all your post installed. So, if you are falling behind on your deadlines, than give us a call.

      Finally, we also offer $0 down financing for our Phase #1 service. Additional funding is available for your purchase with rates as low as 2.99%, and up to 5.99%, with a minimum 650 credit score.  Time is of the essence: Utility Rates Continue To Go Up!  Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to work with you, earn your business, and deliver you the highest quality Solar PV installation products available. So, when you think about going "Green", think about our Green Energy Happy House. We specialize in Harnessing the Rays of the Sun!

SPECIAL NOTE: Stop Procrastinating my friend, you have been thinking about this for some time now. It would have only taken you 4-5 years to pay off your Solar Array with a 30% Tax Credit. Why pay your Utility Provider $2,500/yr. or more for their electricity, when you can generate your own. Just think about this. Three years has gone buy, and you would have paid off your Phase 1 system, and a little over halfway paying off your Phase 2. That's $150 to $210 a month savings or extra income. After 5 years, you could buy yourself an Electric Car?  Let's Do This ! 

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