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FranklinWH battery system

New Franklin 200Amp Whole House Battery System

Bill before $245 - Bill after $15

QCELLS battery backup

10kW RM PV Array w/ 3 Bat Banks

Bill before $356 - Bill after $25 

SMA Solar Panels

   Custom Solar PV Array for Barns    Bill before $546 - Bill after $45

Solaredge Solar Panels

10 kW RM w/ 2 LG Chem Bat Banks

Bill before $709 - Bill after $120


Our Phase #1 A complete Franklin Whole House 200 AMP battery backup with any new or existing Grid-tied system.  Franklin Home Power,  LG Chem Powerwall or QCELLs Home ESS  Battery Bank System will cost an estimated $35K complete. (Call us.)   So, if you are really interested in going "Green", you must consider South GA Solar Power! We believe in supporting our local businesses to help build our great city. So, we are here, ready to help you cut your electric bill down to just $25/month. GUARANTEED IN WRITING !

Our Phase #2 Technical / Repair Services offers our clients technical repair services on all types of  Inverters, Optimizers, PowerWall and/or battery banks. With over 14 years of certified technical experience we can repair any residential and or small commercial project.

Our Phase #3 SGA Solar Attic Fans offers our clients the economical benefits of solar power for a fraction of the cost.  For just $4,500 you can cut your electric of $350 down to $165, GUARANTEED IN WRITING ! (Give us a call)

Time is of the essence: Utility Rates Continue To Go Up!  Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to work with you, earn your business, and deliver you the highest quality Solar PV installation products available. So, when you think about going "Green", think about our Green Energy Happy House. We specialize in Harnessing the Rays of the Sun!

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Located in our great city of Valdosta, GA, South GA Solar Power, LLC is a certified Franklin Wholehouse, SolArk, Q.CELLS HYB, SMA, SolarEdge and LG Chem installer. We have over 14 years of experience in solar pv installations. We would like the opportunity to become your Certified Solar PV Installer and your local solar technician for replacement/repairs services.

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