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South GA Solar Power

September 5, 2022

I have nothing to say but "EXCELLENT INSTALLER", he was our first FranklinWH aPowerX and aGateX certified installer in Georgia ever that received a perfect grade from our customer, (Mr. Andrew Christopher) that's why I salute you (Ronald Jackson)

Premier Rimando

Service Operations Lead

FranklinWH Company (US Team)

Andrew Christopher - Atlanta, Georgia

Existing $245/month - Reduce to $15/month

smartphone monitoring

August 2022

Ron and his team at South GA Solar Power, LLC, did an outstanding

job installing our Q-Cell Solar Power System in November of 2021.

We have saved over $1,100 off of our electric bill since it was installed; and we love the system. We are seeing up to an 85% reductions in our electric bill. The reduction would be much more, but we keep our house very cool; 70 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night.

From the first meeting, Ron exhibited an exceptional level of

professionalism and a very high level of knowledge. His presentation was thorough, and he easily answered all of our questions. 

One of the reasons for calling South GA Solar Power, LLC, was that it is a local company and can quickly respond to any questions or issues. Ron and his team continue to be

available to answer questions and assist if we have any problems (which we haven’t so far). His team worked exceptionally hard to quickly complete the installation. They installed a 10KW Q-Cell Solar Power System with three

6KW backup batteries. The backup batteries provide power nightly and during any power outages. 

During the inspection the County Inspector commented, “This was

an extremely professional installation;” a statement with which I totally agree. 

The Q-Cell Solar Equipment runs itself. I have the option to modify

the settings and monitor how the equipment is working from my smartphone or iPad. 

Overall, my wife and I are extremely pleased with the Q-Cell Solar Power System. South GA Solar Power LLC is extremely professional, friendly, and responsive. I would recommend them to friends and family.

Arthur & Ruth Hanks - Valdosta, GA

Existing $365/month - Reduce to $55/month

smartphone monitoring

May 4 2022

Mr. Jackson was the third solar installer that Complete Solar contacted to provide service at my home. The first company did not follow the approved installation plan and made several mistakes also leaving my garage in a mess.

Mr. Jackson arrived Monday and completed the installation by Wed afternoon. Everything was done in a very professional manner and my property was left in immaculate shape.

It was worth the six month wait for the job to be completed correctly. 

I would highly recommend Ronald Jackson and his son.

I have never dealt with a more professional, knowledgeable and courteous contractor in my forty-six years as a home owner.

Brenda Freeman - Brunswick GA

Existing $245/month - Reduce to $15/month

smartphone monitoring

February 6 2020

Last July I contacted Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power to explore ​solar power for my home.

I looked on-line for local installers and noticed he was the only local Company. This for me was extremely important because of availability and timely installation and after installment service. I also investigated several other installers recommended during the on line search. After meeting Ron and reviewing his presentation against the two other quotes I received, I was very pleased with his offer plus the assurance of local support as compared to the other quotes that would do the install but after installation service would be long distance. Additionally, his quotes were substantially less expensive.

His work is exceptional, meticulous and very professional. Every aspect of the project was completed in a very short period, on time as promise, and without any surprises.

He guided me thru every step necessary to complete the large project on time and to my satisfaction 100 percent. As promised in his proposal my first electric bill was significantly lower. Thereafter the electric bills declined to the expected target. He also worked tireless for several months after completion to tweak the system to its maximum potential. He continues to regularly check the systems to make sure there are no problems or issues and keeps me regularly informed.

I highly recommend Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power if you are looking for honesty, dedication to customer service, and a delivery of what is promised.

George Hardy - Hahira GA

​Existing $546/month - Reduce to $65/month

front photo

smartphone monitoring 

February 08, 2019

I contacted Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power, because I heard that his company had great experience. I was not concerned about cost, I wanted great quality a​nd warranty. I was very impress on Ron's professionalism and ability. Great company, excel​lent work, my electric bill is now only $35 from $265. Can't wait to have my battery bank installed. I highly recommend you contact Ron Jackson.

November 16, 2018

I recently moved to Lakeland Georgia and was looking to lower my power bill. After doing some research I found South GA Solar Power. Ron Jackson came out to give me a quote and had more ways to save on power than solar panels alone. His vase expertise and service was excellent! Ron also showed me that he is capable of monitoring my solar production on his smart phone and would know immediately if anything went wrong. Furthermore, he showed me how I can get a refund on my taxes for energy efficient modifications. I highly recommend South GA Solar Power if you want a smaller energy bill!

Click on my name and location to see my Solar Production.

Justin Hamness - Lakeland, GA

Existing $225/month - Reduce to $80/month

smartphone monitoring

October 19, 2018

Following the failure of my original installer (Southern Solar of Mt. Vernon, GA, owned and operated by John Morrison) to honor his warranty on the basis that he declared his company "defunct", I was fortunate to learn of Mr. Jackson. Although South GA Solar Power's business address is 130 miles away, Mr. Jackson went out of his way to analyze my system failure, communicate with the equipment manufacturer and order the required parts. He then arrived at my house one day after receiving those parts to effect repairs. It was truly a pleasure working with Mr. Jackson compared to the unreliable service I received from Mr. Morrison. It is quite comforting to know I now have a service provider with whom I can trust and believe in for future reliable service. I highly recommend you contact Mr. Jackson for all your solar/energy conservation needs.

Joseph Sciarro - Warren Robins, GA

Existing $325/month - Reduce to $27/month

December 29, 2017

My consultation with Mr.Jackson concerning solar panels was extremely helpful. I understand so much more about my energy usage and the best approach to take. He was very patient as he went over in great detail the various options for my home.

Thank you Mr. Jackson!

Arenetta Fedd-White - Albany, Georgia

Existing $360/month - Reduce $145/month

November, 2017

Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power, knows what he is talking about. He promise me that his company will reduce my electric bill by 50%. GUARANTEE! I took him at his word, and Boy! My 1600sq.ft. home with an average elcetric bill of $140.00/month was reduce to $56.00 without a full Solar Panel Installation. He calls this service a Phase #1 Energy Reduction Service. All I know is that,

this company is AWESOME!

I truly recommend South GA Solar Power to anyone who wants to reduce or get rid of their electric bill.

Anonymous Homeowner - Valdosta GA 31605

Existing $140/month - Reduce to $56/month

August 2017

Ron Jackson's expertise with solar power is awesome. My $300/month electric bill was reduce to $150 and that was without Solar Panels. His Phase 1 Energy Reduction Services cost me only 10% of a full solar installation. I highly recommend South GA Solar Power.

Brock - Valdosta, GA

Existing $300/month - Reduce to $150/month

March 2017:

Mr. Jackson's experience and knowledge, as well as his Customer Service skills, are very impressive. It meant a lot to me that he provided education about other measures to reduce my electricty usage. I chose to have installed a combination of Solar Panels, along with Mr. Jackson's attic fans and a real-time monitoring system called the TED. I am well please with my system and can view my generation from my smartphone and table.

Melanie Ford - Valdosta, GA

Existing $258/month - Reduce to $85/month

October 2016

My property was hit by a tropical storm, which damage our Solar Thermal Evacuated Tube Array and Pumping System. It took me some time but I finally found someone who was certified in the repairs and installation of my system.

Then, I found Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power. I was very pleased with his promptness, his professionalism and with excellent administration support to get my reapirs approved by my insurance company. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to take advantage of this money saving technology. Thank you Ron Jackson.

Kennon Thompson - Bubbles Express Car Wash

Existing $600/month - Reduce to $115/month

November 2015

The Housing Authority, in an attempt to look at cost-saving measure to benefit the residents of low-income housing in Valdosta, contacted Mr. Ronald Jackson with South GA Solar Power. Mr. Jackson suggested that, based upon our budget, his solar attic ventilation fans would be the best sapproch.

These fans has most certainly resulted in a benefical savings to the residents, and it is the intention of the authority to continue to utilize these fans on furture building roofing work, as we see the benefits for our residents, from several different angles.

Mark T. Stalvey - Valdosta Housing Authority

March 2015

When I called Mr. Jackson he responded promptly within several hours. I found his professionalism refreshing due to the fact that customer service in the State of Georgia is almost non-existent.

Mr. jackson schedule an appointment and drove three (3) hours to assess my system and gave me a fair and reasonable estimate which included recommendations for better energy-efficiency in my home. Once I contracted with Mr. Jackson to install a new SMA SunnyBoy 7000 inverter and rewire my existing 16 kWh system, he was focused and driven. Mr. Jackson not only adhered to the terms of the contract we agreed on but finished the project prior the deadline. As a result of Mr. Jackson's outstanding knowledge, skills and abilities, my solar pv system's production increased from 30 kWh to 90 kWh per day.

Based on my experiences with a myriad of solar installation professionals, Mr. Jackson proved to be an outstanding professional and excellent human being. Mr. Jackson will "do the right thing" with whomever he is doing busines with and will perform to the best of his abilities. I highly recommend him to anyone needing solar power system installation or consulation. 

April 2014

What a great guy Mr. Jackson is. Im so glad we selected his company South GA Solar Power to lower our electric bill. Very professional, very neat, and does what he says. Mr. Jackson guaranted to cut our electric bill in half without a buch of solar panels and inverters and stuff. I bake a lot of cakes and my electric bill was $326 a month, now is only $84. God Bless you Mr. Jackson, and thank you South GA Solar Power.

Ms. Mary - Valdosta, GA

Existing $326/month - Reduce to $86/month

July 2013

I am a customer of South GA Solar Power, LLC and I am writing to recommend this company and their services to anyone who wants to save money on their electric bill. First of all, Mr. Jackson and his staff have been very helpful and courteous in suggesting a variety of effective ways in which I can lower me electric bills and help contribute in taking better care of the earth. They also do not pressure me to buy products.

In addition, after installing products in my home, the company has kept in touch with me to monitor how things are working and to see if I have any problems or concerns. Best of all, their products have been saving me significant amount of money each month on my electric bill. The products paid for themselves very quickly. Thank you South GA Solar Power, LLC for helping my family.

David Hyer - Hahira GA

Existing $225/month - Reduce to $85/month

May 2012

I am the owner of Valdosta Shared Office Space, a 127-year old historic Wisenbaker Building located in downtown Valdosta. Making this 127-year old building green energy was by no mean an easy task, but made possible by Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power.

After Mr. Jackson initial site inspection, he went right to work customize a solution and cost proposal that will reduce my energy bill by 50%. After the installation was completed my personnel and vendors notice an immedate change in air quailty and comfort.

Just as Mr. Jackson proposed and gaurantee me, my energy bill has been cut in half. Therefore, I highly recommend South GA Solar Power and Mr. Ron Jackson expertise to anyone who may be considering going Green.

Gino Fina - Valdost Shared Office Space

Existing $11,000/yr - Reduce to $4,500/yr

December 2011

I just can't say enough on how impressed with Ron Jackson and South GA Solar Power would just be a massive understatement. To be honest, I was rather hesitant about utilizing solar power in our home initially, but was rather desperate to get our power bill lower.

Ron assured me that he could lower our power bills - and he delivered, big time. We have already recouped our initial investment, and will continue to receive benefits for years to come.

I recommend South GA Solar highly, and will be glad to answer any questions personally about them.

Allen I. Robbins, III - AIR Publications, Inc.

Existing $775/month - Reduce to $325/month

June 2010

We decided to be the first and to invest in our 2yr old daugther's Taylorlyn future by installing Pole Mounted Solar Panels on our property. We selected Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power. Very professional, knows what he is talking about and local. Our electric bill was $480/month during the summer and now is only $85/month. We love the look and we are quite satified with our investment. We look forward to our federal tax credit, state energy tax credits and paying it off within the next 4 years.

There are so many good things to say about Ron Jackson, I just wish him the best and thank you my friend. 

August 2009

I would like to thank you (South GA Solar Power) for the professionalism and care your company displayed during the initial presentation and installation of the solar power products in my home.

The delivery of equipment and installation process was timely and wityhin budget. I appreciate your honesty, your neat work, your frequent contact on the status of the job and common sense approach to my concerns. I highly recommend South GA Solar Power.   

Jack Keith, Satisfied Customer - Tifton Georgia

Existing $250/month - Reduce to $85/month

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